Happy New Year

Happy new year to everyone - I've been having a proper clean and sort out in my workshop this week - I've found lots of bits and pieces I'd forgotten I have.

Patient Dog

My dog Maisie waits patiently.....I have a small studio set-up in my loft and she sits at the foot of the ladder while I photograph my work.



Catching up with office stuff today....so thought I’d share a picture of this little chap sat next to me on my desk.


A day at the zoo

I can believe that I've been in Bristol for over 3 years and I've only just visited the zoo! I spent my child hood dragging my family round zoos at every available opportunity! 

Guess the creature?

Time for another guess the creature post. This was a recent commission for a birthday gift and the recipient was stumped! So lets see if anyone can guess what these bits and pieces became? Answer on my facebook and instagrm page on Friday.


Getting ready for the show!

Jacqueline and Tim busy getting the Hybrid gallery stand ready for tonight's Affordable Art Fair in Bristol.

Smaller work

I normally post photos of the larger more complicated work.....so for a change I thought I'd share a few of the smaller pieces that will be at the Bristol Affordable Art Fair this weekend 😉

Get out the Mozzie spray!

I'm busy finishing off pieces for this autumns Affordable Art fair's in Bristol and Battersea. This insect is a first for me - Not everyone's cup of tea....but I really like the humor of a 1ft long Mosquito on the wall! 😀



I've been working on some (true) bugs for next months Affordable Art Fair in Bristol. This cicada is thankfully a lot quieter than the real thing!....although I always like their noisy hiss when i'm away 🙂


Had a bit of a gap since my last post! thought i'd share one of the finished pieces I've been working on... a spoonbill 🙂

Border Canary

Thought I'd share a photo of this happy little chap! A recent commission for a canary enthusiast!

Photogenic Fly

Saw lots of damsel flies on my morning walk with the dog...this little chap didn't seem to mind me hang over a wall and sticking a phone in his face at all! 😊


Seaside commission

Finally found the bits I needed to finish a commission request from the end of last year! I'm rather pleased with how this fellow has turned out! 


In Quiet Reverie 3 June - 8 July

Here he is all finished and ready to go to the Hybrid gallery, Devon for a show opening next weekend. In Quiet Reverie 3 June - 8 July.


In Quiet Reverie

Almost finished this handsome chap! He will be at the Hybrid gallery 3rd June - 8 July alongside the paintings of Irene Jones in a show called  In Quiet Reverie

The May Bugs are back!

The Rose Chafer beetles are back! Watching these beautiful beetles fly around the garden really makes you smile... they're quite something to watch in the sunshine. Every year I get reminded that I really need to make one.


Those of you that have followed my work over the years will know that Lobsters have been a favored subject matter of mine since I started. This fella is however the first one I've made in a long while!